Remember the last time you got angry and regretted it later? Learn to tap into the wisdom of your emotions, so you can experience greater satisfaction in life and more confidence in yourself. 




Are you ready to tap into the wisdom of your emotions, so you can create your own happily ever after?

Are your emtions working agsinst you rather than for you?



There are five basic emotions: Fear, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, and Hppiness.

No two people expereince emotions the same way.  Knowing how you experience emotions and why, is the key to skillful emotional intelligence.

If you aren’t in touch with your emotions, processing them can be imtimidating, but it’s easier than you think with the right skills.

Meet Susan Garrard

 In 2005 I was a married mother of two, living in a lovely house with (literally) a white picket fence on the outskirts of Honolulu, This idyllic picture suddenly turned dark when I was stunned to learn that my husband was having an affair. 

 Not only was I losing my partner, but I was also losing my home, my family, and my job taking care of it all.  What I wanted more than anything was to have my old life back, but instead I was dealing with lawyers, realtors, and going back to work after 18 years of as a wife and mother. 

What Can Emotional Intelligence Do For You?



Gives you the insight to make good choices for your mental and emotional well being.

Improves your social skills, and develops greater empathy making your relationships more satisfying. 


Makes you more sensitive to your emotions, so they don’t have to get loud or intense, in order to get your attention.

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